Adr transport London and other types

Adr transport London all standards and requirements regarding both the structure of the vehicle transporting dangerous goods and the level of competence and training of the crew. It also specifies how to document the entire transport process and procedures related to the transport of potentially hazardous substances. Care was taken, among others, about the conditions of their packaging, requirements for labeling goods, packaging and vehicles transporting dangerous goods, as well as the entire spectrum of technical examinations of packaging and their special marking.

Example od Adr transport in London:
What types of goods are considered dangerous goods under the Adr transport London? Explosives include, among others: all types of pyrotechnics (crackers, flares, fireworks) or ammunition, while flammable liquid materials include, among others: paints, solvents, gasoline, cosmetics or alcohol. The last class, which includes items that pose a different risk during transport than the others, includes lithium batteries for mobile phones. Adr transport London in our offer – check our website!